Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Providing coverage

Here we are on this site ripping apart the words and actions of the broadcasters but I really am a fine one to criticise. I am sub ITV, let me explain.

I missed a great deal of the opening weekend’s action due to my being away at a marriage blessing in Belfast. While we were at the reception, there was much talk on England’s middling performance, but also some interest in the other result in the group. Being trapped in the hall of an isolated boy’s boarding school, there was no television in bounds that could provide us with an update.

Thus, I took myself outside, to fire out some texts to ascertain the result, eventually getting a response. So, I thought I’d play good Samaritan and provide the info to one chap who I’d overhead saying to another guest that he was interested in the Trinidad/Sweden action.

So, I approached, and without fully preparing my phrasing in advance, introduced myself to this man for the first time with a whisper over his shoulder “you still looking for a score, mate”.

Then I realised…

Well, after his face had contorted into a picture of vaguely intrigued, but mostly terrified, confusion.


Blogger Lord Bargain said...

...second only to a discussion in my house about rudely named footballers (inspired by the Polish centre half called "bonk") and when the room went quiet, someone piped up:

"I love Quim".


10:50 pm, June 13, 2006

Blogger skif said...


Now that is the real deal.


10:00 am, June 14, 2006


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