Sunday, June 11, 2006


Aaarrrggghhh. Now the tournament's actually underway, the adverts are coming even thicker and faster...


"Oi, Roberto, pass the Pringles".

Thus begins one of the worst of a very bad bunch.

If, like Roberto Carlos, you've got an expensive motor, the last thing you're probably going to want to discover is a Scouser hanging around the car park - but he conceals his distrust well and plays along with Stevie G's game of keepy-uppy with a tube of Pringles before Francesco Totti and Freddie Ljungberg join in too.

Three questions:

1. Who's going to want to eat them after that? They'll all be shattered. It's a stupid idea.

2. Do they expect us to believe that Carlos, Gerrard, Totti and Ljungberg got where they are today by eating Pringles?

3. What kind of an example is this going to set to the kids? Junior matches up and down the country will be followed by car park kickabouts with packets of ready salted and cheese 'n' onion - just think of the carnage.

Oh, and don't go to the website - I did (for research purposes only, of course), and it's rubbish.


Blogger paul said...

It's a SHOCKING ad...

Also, that pringles can is very unconvingly composited!

11:34 pm, June 11, 2006

Blogger Del said...

I have to say I've been fortunate enough to miss it so far, mainly due to my boycott of almost everything on ITV (not a great strain it has to be said)

Is it one of the big cans, or the little ones? If it was the big one, I'd imagine a miss timed kick could lead to metatarsal shattering consequences.

12:31 am, June 12, 2006

Blogger Ben said...

Del: It's a big one. And well done on managing to avoid it so far.

12:37 am, June 12, 2006

Blogger Del said...

Still avoided! My tactic of switching over at the alloted kick off time seems to be serving me well so far.

2:57 am, June 13, 2006

Blogger AdamK said...

Yeah, nearly all the football-themed ads are appalling (I do have a soft spot for the Adidas ads, now that I get the premise that all those players aren't really there and it's just a figment of the kids' imaginations (although why any kid would pick Cisse first out of all the Adidas-endorsed talent available is a side issue)).

However, the ad that's cropped up over the last few days that offends me most of all is the DVLA's Personalised Car Registrations one. Just the idea of blowing a grand on three personalised letters at the end of a registration is abhorrent to me, but the ad in question is so horrifically middle-class as to enrage my man of the people sensibilities:

We see a child driving around in the kind of fancy electric go-kart that you would never have been allowed as a kid, and said child is not only driving this vehicle around the wood-panelled floors of his apparently luxury home, but happens upon an unused computer and decides to search the DVLA site to see what personalised number plates he could presumably get Daddy to buy for him. Luckily, Mummy (or perhaps Nanny) is on hand with a cardboard replica that does the job just as well.

You see - not only is this bourgeois nonsense, but the commercial isn't even justifying the expense of the product it's advertising - the message is "why spend £1000 when you could make your own on the cheap?"

Anyway, now that my ire has been sufficiently logged, I'll go back to playing keepie-uppie with this handy pack of Pringles...

1:03 am, June 15, 2006


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