Sunday, June 11, 2006

Argentina v Ivory Coast, ITV1

Opening again with the England goal, just in case, Gabby's in an even smaller studio with Stuart Pearce and Jay-Jay Okocha, who couldn't look any more bored and we're not sure had anything of note to add for the entire duration. Peter Drury reminds us that while Ivory Coast are "dark horses" they're "not for patronising", so we'll all remember that one. With David Pleat referring at every opportunity to them as 'Ivorians', it could be a struggle. Drury mentions the only African-based, erm, Ivorian twice in five minutes before getting into a right stew - "and Tizie handled, and I...and they felt he'd taken it over the line?" Pleat, being Pleat, pronounces it Le Tissier. Exactly like that. After describing Zokora as "a packet of fun" Peter gets a good railing in against the idea Africans are automatically underdogs, which maybe he should have tried well before his obsession with who scored the first goals and what first results in finals Argentina have had started. "If you like football, you'd enjoy that" is his first half summation, adding that he's grateful for "a couple of Saturday night prime time showbiz scorers". He's still thinking of Soccer Aid, isn't he? The latest ITV Hawkeye revelation is about Riquelme pass distribution and is still not hugely revealing. Drury/Pleat commentary inanities seem to wash over us these days, although Pleat going on about technology where none was needed was particularly irksome, so let's leave it at Drury's unpatronising final word on the Ivory Coast: "How brave they've been!"

What we've learned: the Ivory Coast can go a long way, but they need better finishing to complement the exciting build-up play; Argentina could be quite something special if everyone clicks at once; David Pleat Linguaphone tapes are not available in the shops


Blogger Matt said...

I'm looking forward to ITV's non-patronising commentary on Angola tonight. How long until they suggest that they're defensively naive? I'm going for 12 minutes, myself.

11:01 am, June 11, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can ITV get better?

It's a big ask.

1:43 pm, June 11, 2006


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