Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Second cuckoo of spring

Of course, goalkeepers complaining about the ball is as traditional a part of the World Cup build-up as African sides arguing over bonuses and ITV pundits getting into a froth about offside. However, while it's reassuring to see Paul Robinson getting his excuses in first keeping to his side of this particular bargain - someone will be walking out of the Dutch camp any day now, and then we'll have the full set - something in his comments doesn't seem quite right:

"Every ball is going to move unless you go back to the old-fashioned bricks that we used to play with on frosty school mornings, but this one moves everywhere."

Now, possibly I'm showing my ignorance of life in Yorkshire in the late 80s/early 90s (and if you're better informed, please feel free to roundly abuse me in the comment box below), but... old-fashioned bricks? Really? Did he go on to complain that when you tell young people today they don't beleive you as well?


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