Thursday, June 08, 2006



Who's the England footballer that all the Asda shoppers are gawping at? They're not showing his head, the teases! Who can it be?

Oh no, it's our very own Michael Owen, prostituting himself in time-honoured fashion and doing so with an absurdly big grin on his face.

Two things that are wrong with this ad:

1. I'm quite sure Michael doesn't do his own shopping.

2. If he patted his arse, you wouldn't be able to hear loose change, just the muffled sound of palm on betting slips and a wad of £50 notes earned from ads like this.

Incidentally, Michael, given your fellow striker's injury problems, do you think it was wise to attempt the difficult looking-round-stretching-backwards-and-patting-your-arse manoeuvre?


Blogger Paul said...

Saw the ad last night, and cringed with embarrassment.

It's OK - any arse patting our Michael does is more likely to be Fat Wayne's cash - or just a big wodge of betting slips.

4:27 pm, June 08, 2006

Anonymous brookster said...

I do love that he's getting the mickey taken out of him in the Northern Rock advert though. :)

9:41 pm, June 09, 2006


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